Flxpoint Preferred Partner 
Zanders Sporting Goods


Integrate Zanders with Flxpoint and automate the following e-commerce operations...
Supplier Data Integrations 
Simplify your supplier data integrations with our team and our tools. 
Product Information Management 
A modern PIM built for integrating data from multiple sources and suppliers.
 Inventory Availability
Maintain up-to-date, accurate inventory availability across sources.
 Distributed Order Management
Automate and optimize your order routing to multiple suppliers and warehouses.
 Invoice and Accounting Automation
Integrate invoices to automate your back-office operations. 
 ✓ Workflow Engine
Powerful workflow engine with conditional If/Then settings


Integrate with all of the top websites providers, marketplaces, warehouse platforms, shipping solutions, dropship suppliers, accounting platforms and much more!

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