Flxpoint Ecommerce Automation Software

Flxpoint connects your supply chain to your sales channels to fully automate ecommerce operations. Sell at scale without manual processes or custom development slowing you down. An enterprise ecommerce software at a mid-market price.

✓ Supplier Data Integrations 
Simplify your supplier data integrations with our team and our tools. 
✓ Product Information Management 
A modern PIM built for integrating data from multiple sources and suppliers.
✓ Inventory Availability
Maintain up-to-date, accurate inventory availability across sources.
✓ Multi-Channel Listing Management
Easily list across all the sales channels your customers are shopping. 
✓ Distributed Order Management
Automate and optimize your order routing to multiple suppliers and warehouses.
✓ Invoice and Accounting Automation
Integrate invoices to automate your back-office operations. 
✓ Workflow Engine
Powerful workflow engine with conditional If/Then settings
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Why Flxpoint?

The Flxpoint platform best serves the retailer, brand or wholesaler that has incorporated dropship or third-party warehousing into their fulfillment strategy and sees automation as a key competitive advantage in their ability to drive revenue, increase margin, and achieve scale.

Flxpoint’s design and workflow engine allows us to solve the most complex dropship fulfillment workflows and inventory management pain points better than legacy software focused primarily on the traditional wholesale relationship.

Integrate with all of the top websites providers, marketplaces, warehouse platforms, shipping solutions, dropship suppliers, accounting platforms and much more!

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